World Peace In DANGER!

I know I never write this kind of stuff where I’m all depressed but today i felt there is need for me to rant and express what i feel. I belong from a country where i have never seen a happy homosexual couple. Trust me on that! And honestly the mindset of people here is like the homosexuals aren’t normal and often are made fun off. I myself made jokes on a guy from class who used to hang out with only girls and say that he is a gay and all the stuff. But today i regret that small mistake so much that it just makes me cry. I’m feeling so sorry and guilty that because of people like us being not straight is a crime.We don’t realize that it can be a normal thing for us to make fun of them or ignore them but for them it is impossible to except that there a certain type of humans that society does not accept. The attack in ORLANDO made whole world so sad and it is also a lesson for the people who consider homosexuality as a disease. 50 or more innocent people who were just partying died for WHAT? They didn’t do anything illegal. Just because they are not like certain humans THEY SHOULD DIE? Can you see how irrelevant is that? Stop stereotyping humans and start accepting every soul.Many people on internet may write pray for Orlando and stuff but i want y’all to pray for Orlando the day you accept homosexuals as equals and give them your support. I mean i can’t even think of helplessness the families and friends of victims who just lost their closed ones and the pain they’re going through. Stop being selfish and intolerant of other people’s feelings! It’s high time cooperate in every way you even if  you are a student. Just help other people, understand their struggles, support them in every way you can so that one day WORLD would no more be a dangerous place but a place like heaven. Just think of the person you are closest to and he/she turns out be gay WOULD YOU KILL HIM/HER? No right? So please don’t forget you’re a human and behave like one or else you’re no less than a wild beast. I’m no where near to a blogger or writer, I barely write here so I might have written some things in this post which are irrelevant as i’m not good with words and stuff and you might not agree with them but this what i feel. I wanna Thank LILLY SINGH because she is the one who made me realize where I was going wrong in life and importance of being a good person through her vlogs. World’s peace is in our hands guys and lets not ruin it.



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