10 Types Of Boyfriends Every Girl Had At Least Once

Hey there! Boyfriends are like a important yet annoying part of our lives. Here are just a few ’em which you must have or will come across at least once.

1. Mr.Emotional

This guy is way too emotional. I mean I understand that if a boy cries or is very expressive it’s very brave of him to do that but dude not all the time. Girls DON’T like so much emotions leave all that EMOTIONAL DRAMA  to us girls.

“The other guy ate my NUTELLA”

2. Mr.Know-It-All

This guy thinks he’s some kind of a scientist or what. He THINKS he knows each and every fuckin thing. For instance he will fight with you even if he’s wrong about your birth date like dude I very well know when’s my birthday DUH!

3. Mr.Over Possessive

As the name suggests he’s exactly that kind of guy “OVER POSSESSIVE”. You’re going to a party without him? You got drunk with your friends? oh hello! he will be there on all these occasions to FIGHT WITH YOU and to tell you can’t do this. For him you can’t go out with a guy for a cup of coffee to discuss something work related or else possibilities are there that he can make a scene in the public by like PUNCHING him. Like dude STOP IT! Everyone needs some space in relationships.


4. Mr.Insecure

Remember when in FRIENDS Rachel broke up with Ross because he was getting insecure about Mark? Ya, He is that Ross. Dude! you gotta be a lil open minded and trust your girl or else you are gonna lose her forever.

5. Mr.All Time Touchy

There’s a very famous myth that girls love to cuddle, NO we don’t like it all the time. This guy’s goal in life is just to sit on couch, watch a movie with his girl and cuddle for all his life. On top of that at every freakin public place he wants to make out. Dude you gotta chill!

6. Mr.Casanova

The only aim of this guy’s life is to checkout each girl passing by. He may NOT be cheating on you but his actions say something else. Each of your girl friends “KNOW” him very well ’cause chances are that he has MADE OUT with most ’em.

7. Mr.Cute

As the name suggest, he’s a adorb ❤ He brings you chocolates, surprises you, take you on long drives, clicks cute selfies with you and all that amazing stuff. He’s the guy every girl dreams of.

8. Mr.Forgetful

1 year anniversary? Your birthday? Valentine’s day? This guy doesn’t remember any of these. Chances are there that he may even forget to propose to you and starts preparing for your marriage.

9. Mr. Bossy

If things aren’t done his way then there are chances you can’t do those things. Ya! He’s your 2nd boss and he doesn’t let you do anything without his permission. In simpler words , he’s annoying AF. So girls STAY AWAY from these guys.

10. Mr. Gamer

I know ! I know ! Guys are more close to their X-BOX than girls, and it’s OKAY. But you can’t miss a date just for playing a thing you play everyday RIGHT? I know i’m right. But NO, some boys just refuse to understand the simple fact they should open their horizons and start taking care of other important things as well, like their GIRLFRIENDS.

These were the types I could think of I.m sure they’re many more . Anyway thank you for visiting. Hoping you all liked it.

Love ya xoxo ❤


3 thoughts on “10 Types Of Boyfriends Every Girl Had At Least Once

  1. Heya!
    This was cool and I like the way you write, a few grammatical errors here and there …
    But isn’t point 3 and four almost about the same?
    Plus even if it is the same game a guy plays everyday, the experience is different! New missions, new stuff to do. Multiplayer is different every damn time! well i accept that missing a date isn’t acceptable, but Hello! It aint the same experience everyday!


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