5 Types of Teachers Found In Every Indian School

Teachers surely  made our childhood a nuisance but we can’t forget them for some weird reason. Here are just a some ’em who were pretty annoying. 😛

1. The South Indian

This teacher honestly has major pronunciation issues. She pronounces “M” as “YEM”. For her it’s not EMPOWERMENT it’s YEMPOWERMENT. And if you were in missionary/christian school you must have had a room full ’em. Their accent OMFG can make you jump off the roof. And if you didn’t understand a single word taught by them, WELCOME TO THE GROUP! Hi-Fi 😛


2. The Dumbass

I know it’s very unrespectful of me to call a teacher DUMBASS but trust there are some who are worthy of this title. Remember the teacher who taught English(or any other subject) without knowing the spellings and meanings of words and used to dictate answers from the guide? Yeah I’m talking about them. Actually they’re somehow beneficial for us students ’cause they never used to cut marks on wrong spellings and grammar.

3. The Badass

These teachers are clever AF. They always somehow gets to know that you bunked their class or you have a girlfiend/boyfriend or you abused her at her back . They are the worst ones because you can’t lie in front of ’em. 😦

“So you’re telling me the lie I told 20 years ago”


4. The always-wanna-teach

They’re so annoying ’cause the only aim of their life is to give notes and keep teaching even if the whole class is sleeping. They will teach even if a hurricane strikes your school and everyone dies.

“I’m gonna teach till the day you die”

5. Best of all

She teaches well, she understands you, she knows when to scold, she gives you best advice and help you to be a better a person. She saves you when you get caught doing some mischief ’cause she knows how awesome person you’re from inside. Everyone has this one teacher who they’ll remember for rest of their lives.

Hoping you all liked it. Thanks for visiting.

Love ya xoxo ❤



8 thoughts on “5 Types of Teachers Found In Every Indian School

  1. I came here from the community pool…. yup, your post is quite funny, but the main problem is that I found some grammatical errors…. else content is awesome 🙂


      1. Maybe that’s because of the dumbass kind :p never deducted marks for grammatical errors!
        Now I realise why you called them that! *winks


  2. Ahhh! So relatable. I’m Indian too. And i’ve encountered all of these teachers.
    You’ve got a straight forward way of writing. Very unapologetic. Except for minor mistakes, your post is great!


  3. I really like your lists! 5 types of this and 10 of that!

    I really am looking forward to many more!
    How about x kinds of boyfriends, or y kinds of food freaks!
    Staying tuned here …. :p


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