10 Must Haves In Every Girl’s Wardrobe

Hello there! You all know that we girls are CRAZY about clothes and why not they’re made for us only RIGHT? Here are the 10 COMPULSORY things every girl should have in her wardrobe.

1. LBD – Little Black Dress

Girl! THIS IS THE FUCKIN MOST IMPORTANT THING! OKAY? OKAY. You can add a shirt over it or a classy neck piece or some sexy BOOTS. This baby goes with everything. Just take a look..


2.  A Shirt

This is honestly my go to style. Shirt can be a casual or a formal one. In my opinion the casual ones are THE BEST. They’re so cool yet so comfy I mean who doesn’t want them DUH!


3. A Pair of Distressed Jeans

A cool distressed boyfriend jeans is like COMFY ALERT! Who wants that skinny and sweaty jeans who eats your skin. Also, it gives you wardrobe a nice mix and match. 😛


4. A Leather Jacket

This is like the most GLAMOROUS thing ever got invented. You’re sick and wanna party without wearing those tight AF dresses? Here’s your answer.

5. A Pair of Leather Pants

These babies can turn you from  A ZOMBIE to A DIVA. I mean they’re game changer. It just glams up your whole look. 💜


6. Denim Shorts

Summers means BYE-BYE to the jeans and HOLA! to the denim shorts. We gotta show our ASS in denim shorts because hell yeah! we worked on ’em. I don’t even need to say more ’cause we know how important they’re in our lives. RIGHT GIRLS?


7. Cute Pajamas

You all will agree with this life is LEGITIMATELY INCOMPLETE without our pajamas.


8.  A Gown

It is you know for emergencies when you have a great party to go but don’t have time to shop then a pre-purchased gown/dress comes to your rescue. Also, your wardrobe looks nice with a sexy red carpet kinda dress in it.


9. A Skater Skirt

These are multi-purpose ’cause you can wear them alone with crop top or in winters with high boots or stockings. They’re perfect go to kinda thing in your closet.


10. A Striped T-Shirt/Top

This baby goes up with everything, it can be jeans, skirts, shorts, dungarees and the list continues. It comes so handy and at the same time looks so GORGEOUS.


Hoping you all liked it. If you got anymore suggestions leave that in the comment section below and i’ll add them in the blog.

Love ya xoxo ❤



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